It’s that time of year again … CAMP!!

Woman looking off into distance. Needing support? Camp Therapyology may be the answer. Check out our camp for teens in California, Michigan, or Arizona this summer!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! (No, not Christmas, silly). It’s time to head back to Camp Therapyology! We are so excited to welcome you this summer with fresh new groups, new staff, and new, fun activities! Therapyology will also be headed BACK to Camp Walden this summer again to bring social and emotional awareness to site AT camp! We literally cannot wait… until then, we’d like to list our top reasons why WE love our camp for teens and kids!

Top 5 Reasons Why We LOVE Our Camp for Teens:Green canoe on lake. If you are looking for a mental health camp for teens in michigan, Arizona, and California, you are in the right place. Get support with anxiety, depression, social interactions, body image and more at Camp Therapyology.

(1) We all are campers at heart!

Many of our therapists and interns at Therapyology spent their childhood summers at overnight camp (myself included). We understand the importance of developing long-lasting friendships. The special bonds you make with one another through camp can last a lifetime. After all, there is nothing quite like a “camp friend”. Camp allows us to discover ourselves and get out of our comfort zones without screen time. Similarly, at our camp for teens, it allows our campers to discover themselves in a safe non-judgemental environment. Camp is a time for kids and teens to learn about themselves and grow in a supportive environment. That’s our mission: “Empowering the Next Generation.”

(2) Our Camp for Teens Offers a Sense of Independence and Freedom:

When reflecting on my own personal experience at camp, I am overwhelmed with feelings of joy because I have so many wonderful memories. Each summer when I would go camping, I would be so excited to meet up with my friends. There was always a sense of independence that came with going to camp. I remember the admiration I had for my counselors, who were always there to support me. They were amazing role models and helped shape me into the person I am today. THAT is a huge part of our vision for Camp Therapyology; to make a positive impact on kids and teens in today’s world.

Therapist and intern at camp therapyology. Needing support for your teens mental health? Camp Therapyology can help. Come to our camp for teens in Arizona, MIchigan, and California this summer!
(3) Making Social Connections in a Post-pandemic world:

In today’s “post” pandemic world, we have noticed a gap in social connections. Sadly, we know the feeling all too well: isolated in our bedrooms, hunched over our computers on Zoom, whether in a meeting or a class. While there are benefits to technology, (hellloooo pajama pants and business casual tops) it also has come with setbacks. The impact that the pandemic has had on kids’ social skills has been quite devastating, to say the least. In the mental health field, we have observed patterns of increased anxiety and depression in many kids and teens we see. A lot of this surrounds either going back to school or increasing socialization after such a long period of social isolation. At our camp for teens, Camp Therapyology, we address these issues with campers and teach them coping skills to gain resilience in a world that continues to throw punches at them. Growing up today sure isn’t easy – we get that!

Woman looking off into distance. Needing support? Camp Therapyology may be the answer. Check out our camp for teens in California, Michigan, or Arizona this summer!(4) Learning new skills and breaking barriers:

When was the last time you had a conversation about body image? Or showed vulnerability with a friend about your self-worth? Even your deepest fears?? Quite literally we are empowering the next generation to have those talks because if they aren’t doing it in school then where else is a safe place to have these tough conversations? Not only do we support social connections but also emotional connections as well. By providing a safe, non-judgmental environment we ensure the emotional safety of kids and teens to have tough conversations about “taboo” topics. We provide the space to be themselves and show vulnerability to discover who they truly are (and can be)!


(5) Of Course at Our Camp for Teens We Have FUN (duh!):

We know you didn’t sign up for camp for teens just to talk about the tough stuff and learn coping skills (I mean, we love that too). But most importantly, we want to have fun and connect with others like us to know that we are not alone in this world. That is the true connection. So, how do we do it you ask? Camp-like activities duh!

  • Friendship bracelet making
  • Art projects
  • Water balloon toss
  • Tie-dying
  • Outdoor games
  • And so much more!

Ready to Sign up for Our Impactful Camp for Teens?

Connecting with other teens can be more difficult than it sounds. But, you deserve to recognize how much of an awesome person you are. Our West Bloomfield-based therapy practice has caring therapists in Michigan and California who are excited to see you grow at Camp Therapyology. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Call or email our office in Michigan, Arizona, or California
  2. Learn about our caring therapists
  3. Start making impactful connections!

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