Camp in California

Camp Therapyology heads to…


Bringing our love for all things camp to the San Francisco because fostering positive mental health is UNIVERSAL!!

When: August 16th – August 20th, 2021 

Where: Presidio Park, San Francisco

Who: Tweens (ages 11-14 years old) – inclusive to ALL genders!

What: Created by mental health professionals to bring the love of camp to support positive social and emotional connections for teens & tweens!

Benefits of Camp Therapyology include…

Friendships and Relationships 101: What makes a good friendship? How to handle toxic friendships…. We <3 friendship bracelets!!

Learn the Importance of “Slowing Down” by using mindfulness to reduce stress. Learn about body awareness and build healthy coping skills.

Creating a safe space to explore topics of gender identity and inclusion while we TIE-DYE!!!

Develop a healthy and positive body image & healthy habits – interactive activity focused on health and body positivity that includes learning fun dances.

How do we build our self-worth? Learn about reframing negative self-talk to create a more positive self-worth. Our fav activity is empowerment posters! 

The “tough stuff”: Having a safe space, outside of home or school, to explore “taboo topics” such as bullying, divorce, depression, etc… is important!

What you’ll walk away with…

Improved friendships and more effective communication with friends and family!


It’s been a year and half of feeling socially disconnected. Now what?!


Re-learning how to connect both socially and emotionally with new (or old) friends can be challenging. 


“Why aren’t my friends answering my texts or ghosting me?” “It feels like I don’t have any friends, how do I make new ones?” These questions and more we will learn how to create healthy communication with our friends and family members too so we can have meaningful relationships. Campers will form bonds with others their own age by practicing active listening and open communication. With social media being a huge part of teen’s social life, we will explore the effects of social media on our friendships and how we can have a healthy relationship with social media. Oh, and remember at camp when you’d go to arts and crafts and make your BFF a friendship bracelet? Yea, we’ll do that too.


Healthier coping skills to deal with life’s stressors. 


When life hands us anxiety, we…”

Oof, life is hard right now; we totally get it! So how can we cope with the anxiety and stress that the pandemic, remote learning, loneliness, and feeling disconnected is affecting us? We can learn how to practice real coping skills and learn from each other how we are managing the stress of being a kid in the world today. And connect with nature! 

Want to learn more about DBT and ACT? We do too! (just kidding, we already know it) From mindfulness and distress tolerance (think self-soothing) to acceptance we will explore and learn how to incorporate these skills into our everyday lives. This builds our emotional tolerance and helps prepare us for challenges along the way. With many of us feeling so uncertain about the future, even at times catastrophizing, by learning these skills and being able to practice them will set you up for a more peaceful future. 

Better able to handle the “tough stuff” in life… let’s break that stigma!

From bullying to body image to consent and death; topics that tend to have a stigma associated to them and not regularly discussed in school or at home, we create a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore and discuss taboo topics. The year 2020 did not pass the vibe check. But you know what is? Having an open mindset and willingness to discuss “taboo topics”

Our intention is not to tell anyone what to think or how to act, rather to create a safe and open space. With hands-on activities and games designed to facilitate vulnerable conversations we are empowering the next generation of ‘thinkers’ and ‘do’ers’ to embrace the world with an open mindset. **JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE**

Total Investment for Camp Therapyology= $485


Ready to invest in your tween’s future today? 

Register here!

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