The Rainbow Group
Providing an LGBTQ+ support group for teens and young adults in West Bloomfield, MI

Image of hand holding up a pride flag in the middle of a pride festival. They are a source of lgbtq+ support in west bloomfield, mi. Therapyology offers lgbtq support groups in west bloomfield, mi, lgbt youth groups in west bloomfield, mi, and more.

You’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community who is looking for support and guidance, as you navigate identity concerns. But, you don’t know where to turn to get it. Perhaps you’ve tried to reach out to friends and family members only to be met with judgment, inappropriate questions, or hostility. Or, you’re just tired of talking about your struggles with people who don’t get what you’re going through. A lack of LGBTQ+ youth groups can leave you feeling isolated and frustrated. 

Therapyology is proud and honored to offer the Rainbow Group for LGBTQ+ teens and young adults in the West Bloomfield area! Our LGBTQ+ support groups can provide you with a supportive environment to explore your identity surrounded by other folx dealing with similar concerns. In this safe space, you will find a community that truly get and understand what you’re going through. Over time, you will realize you’re not alone and you’re loved for who you are at your core. Furthermore, you will have a group of people who are available to offer support and compassion as you navigate life’s many challenges. 


The Rainbow Group: An LGBTQ+ Support Group in West Bloomfield, MI

Groups incorporate discussions, activities, and games around a chosen topic for the day. We care about choosing topics that are important to our group members however common topics include:

  • Questioning your identity
  • Coming out to family and friends
  • Pronouns and preferred names
  • Navigating the tricky task of letting loved ones know new pronouns and names
  • Coping with negative responses and rejection from friends and family
  • Fighting against homophobia, transphobia, and stigma
  • Mental health concerns
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loneliness
  • Bullying and other forms of trauma
  • Romance and Dating
  • School and workplace challenges such as acceptance and inclusion
  • Advocating for your needs

Furthermore, we acknowledge that your identity and sexuality may intersect with other identities like ethnicity, physical/mental abilities, religion, sexuality, and gender. We know this can make your life even more complicated and add stressors. So, we explore how your identities impact each other and address any challenges you may be facing as a result. 

The Details:

We will be offering two different age groups: Tweens (11-14), Teens (15-19). Groups meet once a week for 1 hour, for 6 weeks. Every six weeks we will enroll new group members. We ask that our members commit to the full 6 weeks.

WHAT: The Rainbow Group
WHEN: Meets Tuesdays
Tweens @ 4:30-5:30pm
Teens @ 6:00-7:00pm
WHERE: Therapyology
WHO: Tweens (11-14)
Teens (15-19)
COST: $65 per session
Teen girl smiles at the other teens sitting around her in the park. She is part of the Rainbow Group at Therapyology. We offer lgbt youth groups in west bloomfield, mi, lgbt support in west bloomfield, mi, and more. Contact us today!

In-Person Support

The stress and isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic were especially isolating for many who identify as LGBTQ+.  The pandemic made it more difficult to connect with those having a similar experience to you. As a result, it may have meant you had more difficulty getting away from people who were less than validating.
For this reason, we know it’s more important than ever that you have an opportunity to feel connected and supported by people who understand you.  Therefore, we’re offering our Rainbow Group in person.  You won’t have to worry about being overheard by someone in your household.  The group will give you a true excuse to get out of the house.  And, you’ll be able to interact with people in a natural, genuine way.
There’s just something about interacting with people in real life that can help you feel seen, validated, and understood in a way you just can’t get using technology. Don’t get us wrong, we think technology is great. But, for this group, we know that meeting in person will make this an even more powerful experience.
Two young teen girls lay in the grass as they smile at the camera above them. They are happy that they've found the Rainbow Group with Therapyology. We offer support for lgbtq youth in west bloomfield, mi, lgbt youth groups in west bloomfield, mi, and more.

What to Expect from an LGBTQ+ Support Group

You will have the ability to connect with other LGBTQ+ identifying individuals in your age group who are going through similar life issues and build a network of support. We offer in-person therapy groups for LGBTQ+ tweens and young adults. Our groups are facilitated by a licensed mental health professional. The benefits of an LGBTQ support group are numerous. But, perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the comfort it offers. Our support group for LGBTQ teens and young adults in West Bloomfield, MI is a safe place where you can speak your truth. We are here to listen, support, and encourage. 


Ultimately, the goal of our groups is to give participants the chance to share their stories and struggles in a judgment-free zone. Therapyology’s Rainbow Group can help you explore your identity, improve your self-esteem and make new friends. Together, we will learn new skills to help manage tough emotions, and find community with other kids and teens just like you. 


Not sure if the Rainbow Group is the right fit for you?

Perhaps, you would prefer to talk to a therapist individually. Maybe you’re not quite comfortable sharing with a group of your peers yet. Or, our group therapy sessions don’t work within your schedule. If this is the case, we hope you will consider LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy with a compassionate and skilled therapist at Therapyology. 

Join the Rainbow Group: An LGBTQ+ support group in West Bloomfield, MI

Poster for the Rainbow Group at Therapyology. It is a safe, judgement-free group developed to support & empower those in the LGBTQ+ community. We offer LTBTQ therapy in West Bloomfield, MI, gender therapy, and more. Contact an LGBT ally today.

You deserve to recognize how much of an awesome person you are. Our West Bloomfield therapy practice has caring therapists who can help you realize it. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Request an appointment
  2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
  3. Start feeling more empowered!

Other Services Offered at Therapyology

Our LGBTQ support group isn’t the only service we offer in our West Bloomfield therapy practice. Other mental health services Therapyology provides include parent coaching, online therapy, grief counseling, therapy for children, therapy for teens, groups and workshops, therapy for children of divorce, and Camp Therapyology.



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