Better Together: 10 Reasons Why Group Therapy is Right for You!

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By: Lexie Kay and Shivanjali Singaraju

Okay, picture this:

  • You and your best friend got into a HUGE fight. Things were said, and you’re not sure if you’re even friends anymore. You don’t want to tell your other friends because they might choose a side. UG! Who do you go to for support?
  • Your parents have been fighting a lot lately. In fact, the word “divorce” has been thrown around in arguments. Who do you turn to that you trust will understand what you’re going through?
  • You’ve been thinking of changing your pronouns. And, you’ve been questioning your gender for months or even years! Now, will anyone understand me or support mein my journey?

Yup! There’s a place for you. It’s called GROUP THERAPY!

First, what exactly is group therapy?

A top down view of a group of people sitting and talking in a circle. This represents the support group therapy in West Bloomfield, MI can offer. Learn more about group therapy in San Francisco, CA, and the services we offer including group therapy for teens, group therapy for trauma, and more! | 48322 | 94118 | 48324
Group therapy allows people to share experiences, feelings, thoughts, fears, and opinions confidently. Here, you can meet with others in a safe space often led by a licensed mental health therapist. Group provides a space for individuals to speak and receive support. Have you ever identified with any of the scenarios mentioned above? Have you ever felt like you’re the only one who struggles with things like:

  • Feeling left out
  • Poor body image
  • Gender identity
  • Relationship
  • Or family issues

Well, we want you to know: YOU’RE NOT!

Vulnerability is difficult

Sometimes it can feel hard to be vulnerable and share your true feelings with friends or family. But, the group offers a safe, nonjudgmental space. Here, you can discuss topics that can be difficult to talk about. This may include topics like bullying, coming out, insecurities, etc. Group can also foster friendships and social skills. It fosters human connection. And we all know that is something that we’ve been missing lately, right? As Brene Brown says, “it’s why we’re here.”

Now, we get it. Some of you might be skeptical of participating in group therapy. There may be fear and uncertainty of what to expect. The idea of being vulnerable in front of a group of people can be intimidating and scary. Well, we want you to know that feeling nervous about letting your guard down is normal. #validation. What if we told you that talking about your anxiety and nerves ABOUT being IN a group can be therapeutic in its own way!

10 reasons why YOU should take part in GROUP THERAPY:

Group therapy fosters shared experiences:

This is a place to share YOUR story and experiences with others like you. We want you to know you are not alone! It may even provide you with the space to let your guard down. Here, you can open up about things you have been holding in for a long time.

Group therapy allows you to hear real-life experiences from peers (without judgment!):

Hearing others talk about something they are struggling with, that you also went through, validates, and normalizes your experiences.

Group therapy is a safe place to ask questions:

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Ever feel like you have questions but are too afraid of judgment? Yea, we feel ya! In a group, the facilitator ensures that emotional safety is of the utmost importance. Together, we will build trust among members of the group. We will sometimes also discuss difficult questions as well. This is to assure that all members are on the same page and understand the topics we discuss.

Group therapy provides space to build connections. Bond with others sharing similar experiences, struggles, and journeys:

Hearing about someone else going through the same experience you had can help you feel less alone and a bit more normal. Like in the movie Inside Out when Sadness comforts Bing Bong (all the feels here) and sits with him providing support and validation of his feelings.

You can practice talking about hard things in a group to practice doing it with family and friends:

Whether it’s coming out, standing up to a bully, or confronting a friend about being excluded. You can role-play, rehearse, and practice these conversations to build your confidence. The facilitator and your peers can offer support and feedback to prepare you for the real thing.

Groups promote social skills and interpersonal relations:

We know this last year and a half has been tough on us all! You might be feeling even more isolated and lonely than ever before. And struggling with making new friends or keeping up with current friendships? In a group, you have the chance to practice social skills that many of us may have forgotten over the last year from licensed clinical social workers. Plus, you will also be able to practice these skills with other group members. Yay!

Group therapy can be FUN:

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Not fun in the way the last rule or thing on a list is to have fun, but this group actually is FUN! You get to walk into a room (or log onto a zoom #covidtimes) and be 100% yourself. And the coolest thing is – everyone else in the room is 100% themselves too – and ready to accept you as you are. Um, have you seen we do tie-dye in our groups?? No cap.

Group therapy allows you to discuss taboo topics you feel you cannot discuss with others:

When the topic of self-harm or suicide comes up, what do you feel? Fear, shame, embarrassment… stigma? Our mission, “empowering the next generation”, is to break down the barriers and stigma of these “taboo” topics. We work to provide a safe space to explore and normalize talking about the tough stuff. YOU are welcome here!

Group therapy *can* be convenient:

The positive side of the last year and a half of Zooming is that it is now more convenient than ever before to connect to others and take part in group therapy. Even from the comfort of your own bedroom! You may prefer to take part in person or via online therapy. Regardless, there are options. The flexibility of not having to commute to an office makes it that much easier to take part as well!

Group therapy is more cost-effective than individual therapy:

One of the biggest barriers (and stigma) to getting the help you need is the myth that therapy is too expensive. Group therapy is not a replacement for having your own therapist and doing your own work. But, it is a more cost-effective way of getting the support you need. And can be a super helpful supplement to aid in your journey through self-discovery!

Soooooo… What are you waiting for??? Send us a message and start group therapy today! We have a group for you!!

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