I was a really good mom before I had kids.

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By: Ellie Sutton

I was a really good mom before I had kids.

Before parenthood, we often have idealized visions of what kind of parent we’ll be. We envision perfectly behaved children who never throw tantrums in public, eat all their vegetables with enthusiasm, and never kick the back of seats on a long flight. We imagine ourselves as calm, patient, and always in control.

But then reality sets in. Two kids and twelve nieces and nephews later, and my perspective on what it means to be a “really good mom” underwent a transformation. Parenthood has a way of humbling us, teaching us patience, and reminding us that perfection is an elusive goal.


Mother Daughter Tender Moment


I now know parents don’t ‘raise’ kids. Children are not blank slates waiting for us to imprint our ideals upon them. They arrive with their own personalities, quirks, and strengths. As parents, our role is to discover and celebrate these individual qualities. It’s about recognizing that each child is a unique puzzle to be solved rather than a project to be perfected.

Parenting often begins with a set of expectations, sometimes rooted in our own experiences or desires. But as we journey through parenthood, we learn the importance of flexibility. It’s about letting go of rigid plans and embracing the unpredictability that comes with raising children. Kids have a way of surprising us, and it’s essential to adapt to their changing needs and interests.

The pursuit of being the “perfect” parent can be exhausting and ultimately unattainable. Instead, parenthood is about showing up imperfectly. It’s about acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them. It’s about modeling resilience and perseverance, traits our children will carry into adulthood.


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Parenthood is a continuous journey of learning, not just for our children but for ourselves as well. It’s a process of self-discovery, growth, and adaptation. We learn patience when faced with a stubborn toddler, empathy when our child faces challenges, and humility when we make mistakes. So, to all the parents out there who are navigating this incredible journey of parenthood, remember that you are doing a remarkable job. Embrace the imperfections, celebrate the uniqueness of your children, and keep learning and growing together. Parenthood may not come with a manual, but it certainly comes with a whole lot of love and beautiful moments along the way.

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