CTU: Camp Therapyology University

By: Brooke Bendix and Lexi Smith

Although transitions and new beginnings are a natural part of life, they can be downright scary at times! A big transition that we face is from high school to college… or that “post-high school” life. What we need sometimes is additional support. As we consider university and collect, our mental health camps for adults may be useful.

Let’s set the scene.Animated woman celebrating success. Are you ready to begin college? Do you need resources? Our mental health camps for adults in California, Arizona, and Michigan can help! Learn some helpful skills from our young adult therapists today!

It’s your junior/senior year of high school. You’ve been hearing about SATs and ACTs since middle school and now scores are the talk of the school. You know that dreaded college essay that you’ve been overthinking is around the corner; not to mention the Common App! Some of your friends have no clue where they want to apply and others have their hearts set on one specific “reach” school. You’re looking at statistics for your university of choice and you’re overcome with panic and fear of whether or not you have what it takes to get accepted… or even survive college!

Fast forward a few months. Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to “XUniversity! Now what?

The panic sets in. “Am I ready to go off to college and be on my own?” “Will I make new friends?” “What classes should I be taking?” “What if I don’t feel ‘ready’?” “ I have no idea what I want to do?”

Our Therapists in Arizona, California, and Michigan Get It!

Trust us, we get it. We have all felt that pressure and feelings of fear and insecurity as high school nears its end and the next chapter begins. But, we’re here to share that these feelings are totally NORMAL!

Our Mental Health Camps for Adults Called Camp Therapyology University is Just What You Need!

That’s why we created CTU: Camp Therapyology University. Maybe you don’t feel super prepared to start the next chapter of your life or head off to college, but our Therapyology therapists in California, Michigan, and Arizona know firsthand what it’s like to embark on that big life change. We want you to know; that you are NOT alone! In fact, that’s why we created CTU!

In a recent speech Therapyology Founder, Brooke Bendix, gave during #mentalhealthawareness month we learned of the immense gap in mental health support for those 18-24 years old. That young adult phase transitioning from high school to college or even the (gasp) #realworld. We saw this gap in support and decided to do something about it.

Research Shows That Many Young Adults Could Benefit from Additional Mental Health Support.

A recent article published by a Boston University publication stated that “75 percent of lifetime mental health problems will onset by the age of 24” and the mental health of college students is only getting worse. Over the last decade, we have seen the research showing staggering statistics among college students experiencing mental health issues along with a lack of effective resources to receive the support they so desperately need.

Long wait times at college campus counseling centers? Um, no thanks! But the pandemic made it worse.

Why Choose A Mental Health Camp for Adults Like Camps Therapyology University?

CTU is the support that you need to help you during those uncertain young adult years. To let you know, you’re not alone. CTU provides support and empowers you to embrace your vulnerability during these formative years of “adulting.” Building confidence, learning effective healthy coping skills, and practicing how to advocate for yourself are the tools you never really knew you needed to build a meaningful life! Our mental health camps for adults help to build meaningful connections between each other to create a society that is open and accepting.

Group of teens. Finding the right support and resources to survive college matters. Our mental health camps for adults in California, Arizona, and Michigan can help! Learn some helpful skills from our young adult therapists today!

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again; it is okay to ask for help!

We’ve all been there and know how important getting the support you need during this transition period can be life-changing.

We recognize some things you may be going through such as:

  • Finding a roommate
  • How to study for college-level exams
  • Declaring your major
  • How to take notes during a lecture
  • Time management
  • How to form a community in college
  • Stress about your GPA
  • How to adjust to being away from home
  • ACT and SATs
  • How to choose which school is right for you

Join Our Mental Health Camps for Adults in Arizona, California, or Michigan Today!Diverse hands joining together.  Ready to start school? Let our online therapists help! Our mental health camps for adults in California, Arizona, and Michigan can help! Learn some helpful skills from our young adult therapists today!

With a holistic approach to our programs and online therapy sessions in Michigan, Arizona, and California, Therapyology aims to set our clients up for success by helping them build resilience during these difficult times to form a meaningful life. Our mission is to help future college students successfully build their toolkit to support them when times are tough. At its core, it starts with a trusting therapeutic relationship and a commitment to grow and learn. Let’s work together to break the stigma of mental health support! Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Contact Camp Therapyology
  2. Learn about the therapists who you will be working with
  3. Start college off on the right foot!

Other Services Offered at Therapyology

Our mental health camps for adults in Michigan, Arizona, and California isn’t the only service we offer in our West Bloomfield therapy practice. Other mental health services Therapyology provides include camp in Californiagrief counselingtherapy for childrentherapy for teens, LGBTQIA+ support, trauma-informed therapy, and therapy for children of divorce. We also offer parent coachinggroups and workshops, and Camp Therapyology, including our banana splits group, rainbow group, and girls group. Call now and see if this is a good fit!